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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions.

  • Requirements?

    You will need libusb to compile the server.

  • Restrictions?

    The code has been written and tested on a Linux platform. It is likely that it won't work properly on any other platforms.

    Although this may change eventually.

  • How do I install the software?

    'make' and 'make install' should work. If not, here's the procedure:

    After a successful 'make' copy the dsControl binary to its installation directory (suggestion /usr/bin or /usr/sbin). Don't forget to change file ownership and permissions.

    Then copy the two files (discstakka and discstakka.usermap) from the hotplug directory to the hotplug/usb directory (typically /etc/hotplug/usb) and make the discstakka file executable. Don't forget to change file ownership and permissions.

    You may need to change the discstakka script to point to the correct location.

  • How do I configure the server?

    Modify the discstakka script (usually located at /etc/hotplug/usb/discstakka).

  • How do I stop the server?

    Just kill the process. 'kill dsControl' should work well.

    Note that the connected Disc Stakkas will start resetting and spinning. This will trigger the discstakka script to restart the process again. This may or may not be desired behaviour.

  • How do I actually insert a disc/use the Disc Stakka

    Currently there is no useable client to use the software. However there is a test client available which could be modified to be useable.

    We are currently in the process to make a useable, flexible, front end for this software. It will be called pystack. Coming soon!

  • Why doesn't this software work with my Disc Stakka

    This software has been tested on my Disc Stakka which runs the most current firmware revision. I have had multiple reports that the software does not work on units with old revision numbers. I am not sure why this is the case - however the solution is to simply upgrade to the latest firmware (at the time of writing this was 0079). Unfortunately this can only be done using the software that comes with the Disc Stakkas (which only runs on Windows and Mac). However, once that is done the software should work for you (hopefully)